Will Those Who Make A Mockery Of Nepotism Stop Their Children From Entering The Industry? - Sony Razdan

will those who make a mockery of nepotism stop their children from entering the industry sony razdan
Posted on 24/Jun/2020 Shubhi

After the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case, the debate about nepotism and decriminalization in Bollywood has intensified. Now Soni Razdan, mother of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has given her reaction in this regard. Soni asked that those people who are making fun of nepotism, they will support their children if their own children want to work in the industry.

Recently, film director Hansal Mehta tweeted and wrote that this debate of nepotism should be more widespread. Merit is most commonly seen. My son was allowed to step inside the door because of me. And why not. But it has been an important part of the best work because it is talented, is discipline, hardworking and has qualities like me. Not because he is my son.

Hansal further wrote, "He will not make films because I will produce them. Rather he will make them. He will make his career only if he can survive. Ultimately he is going to make his own career and not Her father. My shadow may be her biggest benefit, and her biggest loss. "

Replying to these tweets of Hansal Mehta, Soni Razdan wrote, "Whose son or daughter you are, it increases the expectations of the people. Also, those who are making fun of nepotism are supporting their own children. If they want to come into the industry, what will happen if they want to join the industry themselves? Will they stop them from doing so? "

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Anushka-Karthik, Annoyed By China's Dog Meat Festival, Breaks His Heart Every Year

anushka karthik annoyed by chinas dog meat festival breaks his heart every year
Posted on 24/Jun/2020 Shubhi

Bollywood actors Anushka Sharma and Karthik Aryan have opposed the disputed Yulin Festival of China. Yulin Festival is a controversial dog meat festival that takes place in Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang, China. Protest is being held against this festival worldwide.

Voice from Bollywood raised against Eulin Festival

Animal lovers around the world are strongly criticizing this festival. Actor Karthik Aryan shared a photo with his two belly dogs and wrote in the caption Every year people break the heart of the Yulin Festival. With this, Karthik has created a heart breaking emoji.

Actress Anushka Sharma has always been sensitive to animals. The actress shared a news article related to the Dog Meat Festival of China on Insta Story. What will it take for them to learn . Anushka also has a dog at her house. Anushka often shares her photo. Anushka Sharma has always raised her voice against the cruelty shown against animals.

Talk about the Yulin Festival, it is held in China every year.In China, this festival is celebrated as celebrations. It started in the year 2009. This ten day festival is taking place in the southwestern city of Yulin in China. There has been a demand on social media to stop this festival.

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How Bollywood boycott Sushant Singh Rajput? | Latest in Bollywood

bollywood boycott sushnat singh rajput
Posted on 24/Jun/2020 Nikita

As we know Sushant Singh Rajput was depressed. And 7 films of Sushant Singh Rajput was taken back. Social media alleges that Suhnat Singh Rajput death  ios because of nepotism and Bollywood... See some facts, how Bollywood boycott Sushant Singh Rajput

  • Karan Johar was proudly stating in a renowned award show that he is here, ruling the Bollywood film industry because his father introduced him to the industry. And that is totally correct.
  • Karan Johar is the son of the famous producer and director Yash Johar, the founder of Dharma Productions.
  • Before the death of Yash Johar in 2004, I wouldn't say that the concept of nepotism was not prevalent in Bollywood but it was not too famous.
  • After Yash Johar's death, Karan Johar took his place and started ruling the film industry, or, he became the gatekeeper of Bollywood.
  • Nepotism now became another name of Bollywood. Most of the stars in Bollywood have been introduced through nepotism
  • It is said that if an actor there in Bollywood gets to do a Dharma Productions film, he becomes a star. So everyone there in Bollywood tries to get an opportunity to act in a Dharma film
  • But it is said that one can get a Dharma film only if either he/she is a star kid or he/she has an extremely friendly relation with Karan which includes giving him fake praises or doing him some extraordinary favors.
  • Sushant, as we all know, was a man who lived his life on certain principles and can't afford to do such mean things only for his own benefits.

One more angle that came to know of was this:

  • Recently, Sushant and Jacqueline Fernandes starred together in Drive, a Dharma Productions film.
  • Karan Johar released that film on the online platform, Netflix without informing Sushant ( That's maybe because Karan was not in friendly terms with Sushant and that's why tried to satisfy his ego with that act)
  • Sushant did not like that gesture of his and had a fight with Karan over that topic.

One more popular angle is for the film ‘Paani'

  • The famous director, Shekhar Kapoor signed Sushant for the film ‘Paani'. Paani was to be made under the Yash Raj Films Production banner
  • Sushant was working really hard for the film and deeply devoted himself to the preparations of the film so much that, he rejected many films that came to him and most of them were from the Yash Raj Films Production house.
  • After working really hard for that film for 10 or 11 months, he came to know that Panni was shelved. It won't be made. This was due to the act of backing out of the Yash Raj Films company which was going to produce that film.

These are some of the facts that describe Why Bollywood boycotted Sushant.

Choreographer Saroj Khans Health Improves, Hope To Return Home Soon

choreographer saroj khans health improves hope to return home soon
Posted on 24/Jun/2020 Shubhi

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli has given the health update of renowned choreographer Saroj Khan. Saroj Khan was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after complaining of breathlessness. Kunal Kohli talked to Saroj Khan's son and told about his health.

Saroj Khan's health improved

Kunal Kohli tweeted and wrote- I just spoke to Raju Khan, who is the son of Saroj Khan. He said that Masterji's health is better now, his condition is improving. He was admitted to the hospital after suffering from shortness of breath. They do not have corona. They are now better than ever. Raju has thanked all those who prayed for Saroj Khan's health. We hope that Masterji recovers soon and returns home.

You know, Saroj Khan's corona test was also done in the hospital. Which turned out to be negative. Saroj Khan is expected to be discharged from the hospital soon. As soon as the news of Saroj Khan's hospitalization came out, the fans on social media started praying for her good health.

Saroj Khan has choreographed more than 2 thousand songs in her 4 decade career. She has won the National Award thrice. Saroj Khan has choreographed many iconic songs. These include songs like Dola Re Dola, Ek Do Teen, Yeh Ishq Hi, Tahabh Hoge, Dhak Dhak Kho Laga, Hawa Hawaii. Saroj Khan choreographed her last song in Kalank. Song devastated was filmed on Madhuri Dixit.

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