Kangana Ranaut recalls time when she was struggling and didn't have money to buy clothes

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  • Published: June 24,2020

Kangana Ranaut’s story is truly inspiring. The actress had no godfather in Bollywood and it was with her hard work and determination that she made a place for herself in the film industry. The actress, in a recent interview, said that she was once accused by one of her exes of being a ‘gold digger.’ She said that it was at that point that she decided to prove everyone wrong by becoming one of the richest people in the country by the age of 50.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana said that she didn’t know how to prove her ex’s comments wrong. “In a relationship, how does one who doesn’t have such possessions, comes from a small town with a humble background, have no chance of love, dignity! That person suddenly doesn’t have a say in this world of nepotistic, materialistic people,” she has been quoted saying by the website. The actress said that she then decided that she will have the best house and the best office anyone will have and that by the time she turns 50, she would be among India’s richest people.

Kangana also spoke about the struggles she faced in the industry in the initial years as she was not a ‘star kid.’ She said after the release of her debut film Gangster, she was supposed to attend award functions but she didn’t have clothes to wear and that she didn’t have money to buy them either. Kangana revealed that a fashion designer friend of hers, Rick Roy, used to sponsor her clothes then.

“He would make these gowns for me and I would wonder where he’s getting the money from. But it was wonderful that somebody came to my help. Otherwise, how would I even go to these functions? I wouldn’t have made it to those award nights. I didn’t have clothes. Otherwise, I used to wear a few Mango tops and for me, those were the luxury brands. That was the best I could afford at that point. I didn’t have access to anything. From there, I came here, so it’s amazing,” she has been quoted saying.

Kangana was last seen in Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s Panga, which had turned out to be an underperformer at the box office. The actress has a couple of films in her kitty including ThalaiviDhaakad and Tejas.

The recent death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput has reignited the debate of nepotism and Kangana is also an active participant in it. She has blamed the Bollywood mafia for the actor’s suicide, comments  which have received equal parts love and equal parts anger.

Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan has been admitted to a Mumbai hospital after she developed difficulty in breathing

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  • Published: June 24,2020
saroj khan

Bollywood's renowned choreographer Saroj Khan was rushed to the hospital in Bandra on Saturday after she complained about her health issues. Reports suggested that she was suffering from breathing problems. Now, according to the latest update, she is undergoing dialysis at the hospital.
Following the rules, the COVID-19 test was done and the results were negative. As per the reports, she will be discharged soon.

As soon as the news spread, netizens took over social media to pray for her speedy recovery. Some even shared that they don't want any more death news. Here's what they shared:

Meanwhile, reportedly, Saroj resumed her work in 2019 after a 3-year-break. She last worked with Kangana Ranaut for 'Manikarnika' and Madhuri Dixit for 'Kalank'.

Hina Khan's Boyfriend, Sonam Kapoor, Raped Class On Nepotism Post

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  • Published: June 23,2020
hina khans boyfriend sonam kapoor raped class on nepotism post

In Bollywood, the fight over nepotism seems to be increasing. Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many Bollywood celebs have come under target of this issue. Not only the common man, but many celebs are also seen openly supporting nepotism.

Recently, Sonam Kapoor tried to present nepotism in a different way, on which she was trolled a lot. But while replying to the trollers, he said that he is proud to be the daughter of Anil Kapoor and it is his karma that she was born in his house. It seems that he did not like Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. Now Rocky has reprimanded Sonam for this.

Actually, Sonam had tweeted on Father's Day- 'Today on Father's Day I would like to say one more thing. I am my father's daughter and yes I am here because of her and I have got a lot of specials. This is not an insult, my father has worked very hard to give me all this. And these are my deeds, which is why I was born where and to whom. I am proud to be his daughter. It happened that after the death of Sushant, many big directors of the industry, including producers, are being blamed on the actor's suicide too.

 But Rocky could not agree with Sonam about this to Rocky Jaiswal. He started Sonam's class. They write- 'So every human being who did not get the opportunity is because people with (affluence) and (nepotism) were entitled to that opportunity because of their deeds in previous lives? With this logic, I cannot think of your next life. Ma'am with all due respect, I expected something better from you. '

Rocky further tweeted - 'It is because of such new idea cosmic balance (the balance of the world) that the rich, rich and powerful people in this country leave the poor on the road. These people give cruelty the wrong name of karma. You have accepted your truth. I respect your thinking.

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When Kriti Sanon Told Sushant On Karan's Show The Most Talented Actor, Video

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  • Published: June 23,2020
when kriti sanon told sushant on karans show the most talented actor video

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput had plunged the whole country. Actress Kriti Sanon, who was an actor's co-star and friend, also expressed regret over Sushant's departure. She also reached Sushant's funeral. A video of the actress is going viral on social media in which she is seen giving a rating to Sushant in the show Koffee with Karan.

In this video, Karan Johar asks Kriti to give the first to fifth rating to the most talented actor among Varun Dhawan, Karthik Aryan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Sushant Singh Rajput and Tiger Shroff. On this, Kriti took the first name of Sushant Singh Rajput. He described Sushant as the most talented actor in the industry. After this, he named Varun Dhawan, Karthik Aryan, Ayushman Khurana and Tiger Shroff. This video is fast becoming viral on the Internet.

Kriti's emotional post for Sushant

Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput worked together in the film Rabta. Even though this film could not work, the friendship of both of them went on. After Sushant's departure, Kriti shared an emotional post on Instagram. He wrote- 'Sush ... I knew that your brilliant mind was your best friend and biggest enemy. But I am completely broken knowing that there came a moment in your life where you started dying easier than living.

'I wish so many things ... one part of my heart has gone with you and in the other part you will always be alive. I never stopped praying for your happiness and I never will.

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